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  • Meteorology
  • Control & command systems
  • Test bench
  • Obsolescence and maintenance management
Environmental monitoring

Our wide experience in the meteorology field allows us to offer the most consistent solution that best suits your needs.

We develop hardware and software solutions that enable centralization, storage and transmission of the information coming from the sensors. We already have experienced installations of weather stations for nuclear, wind or solar industries on various types of location such as desert, sea for offshore wind, …

In this context, we are able to communicate with all types of systems by mastering different means of communication such as TCP/IP, Modbus, RS232, RS485, optic fiber, … In the context of autonomous stations, we developed communication through UHF, VHF, GSM, 3G, satellite, Wi-Fi and even Bluetooth in the case of offshore buoys in order to retrieve data directly from the boat positioned nearby. We are able to supply such databases directly from the data logger.
We then systematically test the overall working of the station and all of its features. This step will provide weather stations high reliability and robustness.
Once the station is ready, we calibrate the sensors to always have more accurate measurements; then, our specialized technicians will install the systems on site.
Finally, in order to offer the most complete service, we can provide preventive and corrective maintenance of the station and its periodic recalibration.

Specific technical properties

EMI SEPAME ensures study, realization and supply as well as installation and maintenance of complete systems in industrial computing and electronics fields.

Our engineers and technicians are skilled in software development, in industrial data processing, in electronics, electrics, power supplies, CEM and in industrial automatisms and quality assurance. With a very high reactivity and a great flexibility, we are experienced in interventions and installations on site.

EMI SEPAME has implemented a Quality Assurance System certified by EDF, Areva and Faiveley based on ISO 9001 specifications, in addition to a defense secrecy accreditation for the company and a significant part of our staff.

EMI SEPAME develops specific systems incorporating references equipment such as National Instruments' which we are partners with, and is able to adapt to the customer's specific business.

Test facilities

The EMI SEPAME company has developed over the years an expertise in test benches study and manufacturing for major accounts, into various fields: railway, military, automobile and aeronautic. Our skills include computing, electronics, wiring, data acquisition, mechanical engineering, climatic and hydraulic businesses as well as the specific systems development.

Being partners with National Instruments, we can suggest an optimized solution structured around a National Instruments architecture and adapted to your needs.

We apply a very structured methodology project within these developments' context.

Ensuring sustainability

In order to offer you the most complete performance, we propose to ensure the maintenance of the system we develop and install.
We also ensure maintenance for systems we haven't developed.

Maintenance is usually made of two types of interventions:

  • The preventive maintenance, which is periodic and during which we replace the consumable pieces, we calibrate devices in the periodicity recommended by the supplier, we clean and make a general inspection of the material and we validate the whole functioning.
  • The corrective maintenance, which is started in case of damage and for which we intervene within short times (from 48h to one week depending on the contract).

With the aim of ensuring continue functioning of the maintained system, our maintenance contracts include a replacement batch which allow us to carry out a standard replacement of the defecting element or the element to calibrate with the replacement batch.

Finally, the obsolescence of our systems' components is supervised and if necessary, a solution is proposed, including either a standard replacement by a more recent component, or an adaptation of the system to be able to use another component.
In any case, if the system's architecture is modified, we will carry out non-regression testing on the system as well as an update of the documentation.