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EMI-SEPAME results from the merger, in 2007, of the EMI and SEPAME companies. It integrated the TECHWAVE group in 2013.

The SEPAME company was created in 1979 and is specialized in electronics, industrial computing, data acquisition.
The EMI company was created in 1989 to take care of the meteorological installations maintenance for EDF's nuclear sites.

EMI-SEPAME's skills are now divided into four activities:

  • Meteorology/Environmental monitoring: development, supply, installation and maintenance of monitoring systems for the environmental field.
  • Control and command systems: study, realization, supply as well as installation and maintenance of complete systems in industrial computing and electronics.
  • Test bench: design, integration and manufacturing of your test equipment through our test bench pole.
  • Obsolescence and maintenance management: in order to offer the most complete performance to its customers, EMI-SEPAME proposes to ensure the maintenance of your environmental monitoring systems and control and command systems. In this context, EMI-SEPAME is able to manage the obsolescence problems inherent in the ageing of a system.

EMI-SEPAME is also a training organisation.
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EMI SEPAME is a subsidiary of the TECHWAVE GROUP, as well as the MES and BLUE HARMONICS companies.

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